Panoramic RV Ambassadors

Our product is our passion. Our team believes in creating long-term relationships by producing high-quality products that will satisfy the most demanding customers.

We want to have a long-term relationship with our customers; therefore, we’ve created a rewards program that benefits our present and future customers.

Become Our Ambassador

If you are a US resident and own a PANORAMIC RV, you can ask for your reference cards from our team. Cards must be identified with your name and given to potential customers. If a visit of your RV leads to a purchase of one of our recreational vehicles and the owner hands over your referral card, you will receive a 500$USD reward.

Future American buyer who presents a reference card during his purchase directly from Panoramic RV, will receive a 500$USD* discount off the final price of his vehicle.

Everybody wins!

*The 500$USD reward only applies to Americans customers when purchasing directly from Panoramic RV and not from a third party or dealership.