Panoramic RV videos

Panoramic RV videos are available on our YouTube channel. They will allow you to learn more about our vehicles and thus discover all their secrets.

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Video 1 : Panoramic RV – An Overview

This first video presents the main characteristics of the Panoramic. This great RV stands out in the class B category by its European inspiration, its high-quality manufacturing and its advanced ergonomical design.

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Video 2 : Panoramic RV – Ergonomic details

This second capsule highlights the ergonomic aspect of the Panoramic RV with a few key examples. Whether it is the configuration of the kitchen cabinet or the concept of the modular bed at the back, everything has been designed to maximize the limited space of a class B. The use of components chosen with thoroughness and experience allows us to offer a vehicle that is widely distinguished on the market.

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Video 3 : Panoramic RV – Exterior characteristics

This new video reveals some exterior characteristics of the Panoramic RV. In order to meet user’s needs and make them appreciate outdoor life more, several elements have been added to the exterior of our vehicle. We are talking about access to electricity, water and propane to create a real outdoor kitchen. The cargo storage spaces keep essential tools close at hand. Finally, what would outdoor living be like in our regions without effective mosquito nets?

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**Sorry for the sound on this one, but don’t worry, our microphone is on its way!!!**

Other videos

We talked about Panoramic RV!

In spring 2019, Panoramic RV had the great privilege of meeting Neil Balthaser in the Nevada desert. Neil is a true reference in the field and is, needless to say, “THE GURU” of Class B vehicles with his YouTube channel Ultramobility.

A complete review of the Panoramic RV on the Ultramobility channel!

This time, Neil explores the Panoramic RV in depth. He seems to like a lot !!! See by yourself…

An interview between two RV enthusiasts in Red Rock National Park

Watch this interview between two real RV enthusiasts. In particular, you will find the answer to Neil’s fundamental question: « Why do we have this RV? » The Class B guru seems to have fallen under the spell of Panoramic RV!

US availability

You want to learn more about pricing, US availability and if Panoramic would consider direct sales? Listen to this!

Panoramic RV CEO Tour – Tampa

Enjoy this extended review of an early prototype of Panoramic RV. After more than 36,000 miles and 4 years on the road, we still attract as much attention!