Advanced Design and Manufacturing

We managed—with a visionary team and passionate collaborators including engineers, architects, designers and experienced woodworkers—to design a modern vehicle that competes at the international level against the largest RV brands. With a vision of innovation, we gathered the finest elements from the RV market in Europe and North America and blended them into a unique concept with the highest manufacturing standards.

Brighter is better

With the largest windows in the industry and abundant light, the Panoramic, become more spacious while providing a feeling of freedom. A large skylight, located over the table of the dinning room, provides an amazing luminosity and efficient aeration.

An ergonomic and flexible design

Whether it is the configuration of the kitchen cabinet, the dining area at the front or the modular bed concept at the rear, our advanced vision of ergonomics highlights each aspect of the design that gave birth to the Panoramic. All the details are taken into account to maximize the limited space of a compact vehicle and redefine the comfort standards of each trip.

  • Swivel driver and passenger seats allow full use of the cab area, transforming into a dinner area or a comfortable Cinema room.
  • The sliding dinner table with its rotating extension allows seating up to four people when you want to invite guests over for a meal. 
  • The table can also be transformed into a third bed at night.
  • The sliding TV stand hold a 24’’ smart TV and the ingenious mechanism will pivot back to allow the latest series to be watched from the bed.

A Bedroom Worthy of the Name

The Panoramic features a flexible, permanent 74″ X 57″ flip-up bed with a wooden slat base and a superior—orthopedic—quality mattress that provides unequalled comfort. With the bed always in position we eliminate the redundant gymnastic of converting it into a dinning lounge allowing each one to have its own morning routine.

A retractable step hidden under the food pantry will allow easier access to the bed and reveal another small storage compartment.

All controls—whether they are for adjusting lighting or the heating and air conditioning—are at the head of the bed. You will no longer need to get up for an adjustment during the night or early in the morning when you want to start the water heater.

Satisfy your palate

The brilliant use of space in the kitchen clearly shows that it doesn’t need to be big to be better. A full-height, 4.9 cu. ft. refrigerator, dual burner gas stove, stainless-steel sink and a magnificent Avonite® extended counter provides a true cooking experience worthy of a chef. 

Envision the best meals

The large storage spaces and vertical food pantry create a more ergonomic workspace that unleashes inspiration and creation.

A Restroom to Make You Feel at Home

The Panoramic offers more space and greater ease of use. Thanks to a lot of ingenuity, we reinvented the space with sliding drum doors to offer maximum privacy while not obstructing the vehicle’s walking space. 

We created a shower room that offers unparalleled comfort and luxury with a porcelain toilet, a molded fiberglass shower base and a functional space up to the larger motorhome owner expectations. 

Lots of space to store all your dreams!

The gigantic, 200 US gal, cargo area allow you to bring each and every passion you might have without compromise. Large items such as golf bags, backpacks, climbing and hiking gear, BBQ, camping chairs, fishing rods, portable generator etc…For those always looking for more, you can always flip up the bed and remove the division panel to store some oversized.  Kayaks and boards or carbon bikes that you would like to keep inside while you are gone for a hike. 

The Panoramic feature a rather big wardrobe for coats, suits and dresses for special occasions. Once you discovered the obvious you will then find some storage spaces where others did not think of looking.

Perfect Temperature

Thanks to a superior composite insulation and a careful management of thermal leaks, the Panoramic can be used in cold and hot weather and provide a better energy efficiency. The strategically placed insulation will maintain the desired temperature with ease while attenuating outside noise. 

  • The Advanced Truma Combi system for heating that also serves as a water heater is so impressively silent that you won’t notice it is in operation while you sleep. 
  • With a 90% efficiency, the Truma offers the latest technology and the lowest energy consumption possible. 
  • An optimal airflow distribution is created using five vents distributed throughout the vehicle. 
  • The easy monitoring panel also allow you to adapt to the various energies available and all the functions can be scheduled with the integrated timer at various periods of the day.

When you get tired of fighting the arctic breeze up north and decide to push the Panoramic to the southern states limits you can count on another great combination to keep you cool. Once you open the awning style windows and start the 10-speed automatic ceiling fan you will quickly notice the drop in temperature. If this is not sufficient, the powerful 13 500 BTU air conditioner with a digital thermostat will keep you cool inside and outside with its futuristic, aerodynamic lines.

Off the grid enhanced capability

We build each vehicle with a vision of autonomy; we love freedom and we know what it means to go further to achieve your dreams. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology; solar panels (150-300W), 2000W inverter and high-efficiency AGM or Lithium batteries. We take great care of engineering our electrical management systems to allow the tech-savvy or the neophyte the best experience without compromise.

Even more important is the use of an alternative source of energy such as propane and the well-balanced size of our tanks to allow you reaching that ultimate off the grid capacity. Take the Panoramic as far as you can, the only limit is your imagination.

Lights on!

All our lighting systems are LED’s, whether it is the ambiance lighting that illuminates the ceiling or the European-style reading lights, everything has been thought of to warm up the atmosphere without drawing on all your energy resources.

Electric Entry Step

An aluminum electric step will facilitate entering and exiting the vehicle but will also retract automatically when the ignition is turned ON.

Mosquito and Bug Protection

The Panoramic comes with sliding door and back doors mosquito screens to avoid letting any intruders in. The robust and reliable magnetic mosquito screen for the sliding door is also a popular option on most Panoramic RV’s.


Different elements of our vehicle help to ensure great privacy inside and to limit the temperature variations caused by the sun. The majority of windows are equipped with blinds that effectively block prying eyes. The skylights also have built-in blinds to adjust the amount of light entering the interior. Finally, different options are available to cover the windshield, the driver’s door and the passenger’s door.


Many accessories can be added to meet the different needs of users according to their lifestyle in addition to making their life easier and pleasant.

With this in mind, various ingenious bicycle racks are available on the market and perfectly complement our vehicle.

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