Advanced Design and Manufacturing

We managed—with a team of engineers, architects, designers, technicians and qualified woodworkers—to design and make a modern vehicle that competes on the international level against the large RV brands. Instead of imposing one vision on the market, we gathered the finest ingredients from the RV market in Europe, Asia and North America and blended them into a unique northern concept.

More Light, more LEDs

With the largest windows in the industry and abundant light in the Panoramic, we have also added a large skylight on the ceiling. Located over the table of the dinning room, it provides an amazing luminosity and efficient aeration.

Three sets of ambient LED lights work in combination to showcase the best moments inside the Panoramic.

Above the sliding door, a continuous LED light also serves as gutter to keep running water off the door and out of the vehicle.

A Flexible Environment

Swivel driver and passenger seats allow full use of the cab area, transforming the grand dinner area into a comfortable Cinema room.

The sliding dinner table with its rotating extension allows seating up to four people when you want to invite guests over for a meal. The table can also be transformed into a third bed at night.

A Restroom to Make You Feel at Home

The Panoramic offers more space and greater ease of use. Thanks to a lot of ingenuity, we created a shower room that offers unparalleled comfort and luxury with a porcelain toilet, a molded fiberglass shower base, a shower curtain, a mirror, storage space and concealed LED lighting. We also reinvented the space with sliding drum doors to offer maximum privacy while not obstructing the vehicle’s walking space.

A Bedroom Worthy of the Name

A flexible, permanent 57″ X 76″ flip-up bed with a wooden slat base and a superior-quality mattress that provides unequalled comfort. A secondary flat screen TV and reading lights will entertain everyone before bedtime, and a retractable step will allow easier access to the bed.

All controls—whether they are for adjusting lighting or the heating and air conditioning—are at the head of the bed. You will no longer need to get up for an adjustment during the night.

Lots of Space to Store All Your Dreams!

Tall and wide food galley with 5 trays to store small jars and big cereals boxes.

A rather big wardrobe for coats, suits and dresses for special occasions.

A large (200US gal/750L) cargo area under the foldable bed, allow large items such as bikes, golf bags, kayaks, BBQ, camping chairs, etc.

Special space for wine enthusiasts to store 5 wine bottles

We found some storage space where others did not think of looking.

Perfect Temperature

Thanks to superior insulation, the Panoramic can be used in cold and hot weather. The vehicle will maintain the desired temperature with ease whether you are using the air conditioning down south or fighting the Arctic breeze up north. The Advanced Truma system for heating that also serves as a water heater is so impressively silent that you won’t notice it is in operation while you sleep. With a 90% efficiency, the Truma offers the latest technology and the lowest energy consumption possible. An optimal airflow distribution is created using five vents distributed throughout the vehicle. The easy monitoring panel also allow you to adapt to the various energies available and all the functions can be scheduled with the integrated timer at various periods of the day. For hot days, the air conditioner will keep it cool inside and outside with its futuristic, aerodynamic lines.

Electric Entry Step

An aluminum electric step will facilitate entering and exiting the vehicle but will also retract automatically when the ignition is turned ON.

Mosquito and Bug Protection

The Panoramic comes with one mosquito net for the sliding door and one for the back doors to avoid letting any intruders in. The skylight is also equipped with its own mosquito net.

Insulated Wheel Wells

The wheel wells are insulated to absorb road noises.